Thursday, December 9, 2010

Second Official Response from the BBC

Thank you for responding to my e-mail and for your additional comments and questions regarding the BBC London schedule changes as they affect DJ Ritu's programme.
I'm afraid I can't enter into personal communication with everyone who writes to me and, although I acknowledge the passion of your arguments for world music, I'm afraid my reasons for changing the schedule, as outlined in my first e-mail to you, still stand.
I do hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy the BBC's world music programmes on other services more suited to specialist music.
David Robey
Managing Editor
BBC London 94.9
T: (Nicole Alcee) 020 7765 0231


  1. Are we going to accept this second inadequate, impersonal rebuff from the BBC?

  2. No .... what is this thing about Specialist Music? Why did Front Row devote a major part of a show to chattering about Fela! the musical if it's specialist; Are over 42% of Londoners from many many diverse backgrounds a special case to have their music tastes shunted away?
    And how does BBC London expect to meet the artistic opportunity of the Olympics by sidelining music at the core of the event? Britain got the Olympics on the back of the Arts Offer!