Friday, December 3, 2010

BBC announces public consultation into diversity strategy

The BBC today (10/11/2010) launches a public and staff consultation to ask audiences and employees their opinions and perceptions about its ongoing diversity work.
Amanda Rice, the BBC's Head of Diversity, said: "For the BBC, diversity is about having the most talented staff from the broadest range of backgrounds and making original programmes which reflect the diversity of UK audiences. We want to consult with you on the BBC's ambitions for diversity and to ask you what you think of our plans." Read more

Make your voices heard by filling in the form and take part in the consultation here.


  1. Instead of axing A WORLD IN LONDON there should be more world music on the radio and TV in this mainstream-dominated world. This excellent show must go on!

  2. I too would like to add my support, there is so little 'world music' on the major media but so much great music from all around the world it would be a crying shame if this great show was to go.