Thursday, December 16, 2010

The BBC’s Strategy Putting Quality First

A new BBC strategy to deliver more distinctive, high quality programmes, improved value for money and greater transparency for all audiences has today been published by the BBC Trust.

Some highlights of the full review include:
  • Put Quality First
  • Second, that a focus on genuinely distinctive content delivers both for audiences – who get the type of programmes they want – and industry, who don’t want the BBC to encroach unduly on their territory.
  • This strategy will result in a more focused BBC with more distinctive programmes, better value for money
  • Firstly, at the heart of Putting Quality First was the rededication of the BBC as an organisation unswervingly devoted to that mission of informing, educating and entertaining through the highest quality programmes and services. We promised to spend more of the licence fee on the task of commissioning and making great content and getting it to the public. And we proposed to make a further significant shift towards distinctiveness, spending more of the licence fee on output which, without the BBC, would not get made at all.
  • The strategy concludes that the established mission to "inform, educate and entertain"  

How can axing A World In London and other such great programmes that are due to be axed such as Folkwaves be justified after reading this from the chairman himself?

The BBC controllers are going against their own strategy!

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