Friday, December 3, 2010

More messages of support

Proper- the largest independent distributor in the UK, get behind the SAVEAWIL campaign.... 


"DJ Ritu's show A World In London is a rare oasis on the BBC for world music and global voices to be heard. It is a unique and valuable celebration of the incredible cultural life of this city. As a world capital of diversity, London needs this show."
Jody Gillett, Mondomix


"This has to stay, in memory of Charlie Gillett whose show it was, in honour of DJ Ritu who has moved it one and made it her own, and above all for the show which is unique and irreplaceable. Do we have support too from Radio 3? - this is the network that opened up first to Kershaw and after him to Gillett himself, so it must surely speak up for the true successor."
Robert Maycock
BBC Music Magazine world music columnist, Independent critic, and more)


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