Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Messages of support from all quarters

Angélique Kidjo: "I love Dj Ritu's show! She is so knowledgeable about all kinds of music. She made me discover a few great bands I didn't know." 

Max Reinhardt: "What is going on? I'd like to see more shows like Ritu's on the BBC station for London....why not let London hear the music of its communities? Wake up 94.9 and smell the coffee...its not even a new idea, just an overwhelmingly popular one." 

Songlines Mag: "DJ Ritu is doing a fantastic job with her show and BBC London should be reflecting the diversity of its listenership and London's vibrant world music scene." 

ARC Music: "BBC London has announced plans to axe DJ Ritu's "A World in London". This very important show does a lot to promote world music and establish cultural understanding in and around London." 

Howard Male: "I don’t believe the powers that be can have considered the domino effect that this will cause. London’s live music scene is already struggling, and without Ritu playing the music that no one else plays - and letting Londoner’s know what great gigs are coming up – they’d be a huge gap in our cultural landscape. Sometimes it’s hard to appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone. So please, BBC – don’t deprive us of this show."

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