Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Impact of Losing A World in London

So now that DJ Ritu's A World in London has been axed what are the consequences?

  • DJ Ritu is the ONLY UK representative of the influential EBU World Music Panel. Without this show on the BBC, London/UK musicians will not have a wider voice in Europe
  • Without the 'brand BBC', London artists will have little or no wider mainstream exposure
  • Musicians, will lose out on airplay and royalties as well as publicity for upcoming gigs 
  • Venues will have less places to promote, potentially impacting on audience attendance
Feedback from listeners/supporters 
  • AWiL (and Charlie Gillett's The Sound of the City before that) provided the best portal there was to help me discover more and more of the different varieties of ethnic/world music represented in London
  • It also helped me enormously in better understanding and appreciating different communities. It's always been an education as much as it has been hugely enjoyable entertainment.
  • It  [AWiL] was their best and only real hope [for exposure or airplay]
  • It means world music lovers will listen to the BBC less and less
  • That my local BBC station is moving to be mostly speech-based, when LBC have already cornered that market.
  • We need to have different ideas on the culture of all people, we need to know, to hear, to feel the mix of culture that put our society in a rich social system and world music is one and part of this important way to bring people and mind open   
  • If AWIL goes, this will break a system that contribute greatly to UK economy and cultural image around the world 

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  1. As a promoter, marketeer, artist consultant and still with very open ears .... I feel very short changed by BBC London now ... This is what I will miss - and the people I link with: BBC London base to announce my and my artists and the others I support through pr work 's events (and also have them sent out to huge mailing list - and thus see what other events are forthcoming), pitch music and have it played; have people I link with readily interviewed; hear new music from Londoners - and others and have the playlist readily shared, great show to listen to on a Saturday evening - on any airwave live, opportunity to listen again to catch up or enjoy all over again, recommendation of the music onwards - or referral point for future venues/labels ...insightful, enjoyable, informative, risk taking interviews over a whole hour with people from everywhere in London - and the world - very rare anywhere on any media, a chance for representation of my artists (and others too) releases on the wide European network, ready international exposure through the online live and listen again facility ...